Rating & Review


Subject: whitens and corrects

Review: It is a facial cream that improves the skin in three ways: Corrects – It has Vitamin B3 that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and visibly lightens the skin. Protects – Has SPF 24 PA++ that protects from UVA/UVB rays and helps avoid skin from ageing and looking dull. Enhances – Its skin-nourishing vitamins help enhance skin’s natural radiance from within to keep you looking fairer. On a personal note, this moisturizer gives off a flowery fresh scent that is easy on a very picky nose. It has a whipped mousse-like consistency that upon application, leaves your skin soft and supple. I use it as a day moisturizer and a night cream. What I love about the product is that it doesn't give me any breakout. I also notice how my dark spots are gradually lightening.