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Decsription: Tightens the skin and controls oiliness, while plumping and moisturizing for plump, silky-smooth skin! For COMBINATION to OILY skin type. The Secret for your beautiful skin! This skin care regimen contains nature’s beautifying skin care essences, which has been well-loved since the ancient Japanese times★ It gives moisture, preventing skin roughness. For plump, silky-smooth skin! Replenishes moisture in skin suffering the effects of UV oiliness, bringing out its translucence. Tightens the skin♥ Improves ability to retain moisture! Quickly penetrates the skin without any residual stickiness, leaving it lusciously moist and refreshed, and feeling great. Restores the skin’s moisture balance, improving its ability to retain moisture and enhancing its overall condition. Skin-firming ingredients※tighten the skin♥, creating silky-smooth skin. Contains rice brain oil(emollient ingredient). Restores the skin’s moisture balance, for finely-textured, velvety-smooth skin.

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