Freshlight Hair Colour


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Decsription: Freshlight Hair Colour range offers you the chance to realize that. Its 8 moisturizing oils penetrate deep into the hair and repair damage. The After-colour Treatment with Silk Luster provides moisture and shine to dyed hair while controlling damage. You can also indulge yourself in its green apple and cassis fresh scent.

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May Therese Aquino May. 28, 2015


I love do-it-yourself hair color products, most especially the Freshlight Hair Color by Schwarzkopf. I got this for only P590.00. I love the fact that it has a comb-type applicator to allow you to evenly distribute the product. I also love the fact that it promises the give you vibrant color every time without drying your hair strands. In just a few minutes, you can immediately see the result! After the treatment, you can use the treatment conditioner included in the package that will lock in moisture and allow you to have vibrant, youthful looking, bouncy locks! Definitely worth giving it a try!