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Decsription: 5ml Dark liquid eyeliner with subtle yet distinct pearl highlights.

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Kae Tksm Sep. 18, 2014


Long gone are the days when it was too much trouble holding the eyeliner brush in one hand and the bottle in the other and trying to balance yourself while trying to do a cat eyed effect. The Hypersharp Liner is easy to apply, super amazing black and gives you a perfect grip while you experiment with various styles. The eyeliner does not smudge off quite easily and is easy to remove with make up remover. Not to mention it is totally Value for Money.

Melinda Mejia Sep. 05, 2014


I love how trendy and sleek it looks. I can easily slip in into a purse or even my pockets. However as a downside, it easily peels off, which is good though when you are in a rush to remove your makeup . i had to retouch my liner twice within an 8-hour shift. I love that it is soft but you should have steady hands to master it. I got the black one and it sure is black when you apply it , no second coating needed.

Jessy Tan Aug. 24, 2014


There's a lot of product and it lasts a long time. The brush is thin enough for very thin and subtle lines which is really nice. But my problem with it is that the brush is too soft/flexible so it's very easy to make mistakes if you have unsteady hands. Also, the handle is too long for me. Also, make sure you don't rub your eyes because it peels off easily.