LipIce Sheer Colour


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Decsription: LipIce Sheer Colour is a unique color changeable lipbalm. It goes on clear and gradually changes color to a sheer pink which further enhances the natural beauty of your lips.

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Aiko Love del Rosario May. 31, 2015


This is probably one of the most interesting lip balms I've ever tried! It really changes your lip colour to pink. Although the colour depends on how much you put on. Make sure to store it in a cool, dry place because it melts a bit with warm weather.

Niña Manel Laurel Apr. 28, 2015


I can"t even begin on how I love this Lip balm. I've tried everything else and the Lipice Sheer Colour really is on top of my list. Let me begin by saying that it leaves your lips kissable and luscious (i should know cause my husband always say that whenever he kisses my lips:) It leaves it soft plus with a irresistible scent and taste. I use it as often as I like and the results never fail me. But if you use it before you go to bed, I can guarantee you a hundred percent that when you wake up, you will get even more great results. If you hate waking up with chapped lips or dry lips, this is the product for you. You don't believe me? Well, get yours now, try it and have a luscious lips in just over night.