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Decsription: 4.5g Eyebrow Mascara supplies brown/gold tones to match the various color treatments for Asian hair.

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Jona MacYat May. 31, 2015


My friend recommended this product to me since my hair is colored. I've attended a beauty talk before and the speaker said that your hair must match your eyebrows. So, I bought this. And, it's so far the best and yet affordable eyebrow mascara that worked for me. It matches my hair color and it doesn't wear off easily. I'll definitely buy this again.

May Therese Aquino Mar. 08, 2015


if u had your hair colored and u want matching brows, this is probably the best eyebrow gel you could ever find. the best because, it is affordable as hell, it has quite a range of shades or tints and it has a lasting formula that doesn't irritate the most sensitive skin!

Yna Sngyo Apr. 07, 2014


I bought this because i've been looking for a cheaper version of my mac browset. It has much smaller brush than my mac one which i love. It coats my eyebrows well but one thing i didn't like is the subtle shimmer to it.