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Decsription: The eyeshadow has a long-lasting sparkle that will look just as good on your eyes because of its 40% pearl particles You can control the shine and sparkle with its wonderful shade and soft gel-like texture that dries easily making application easy!

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Kae Tksm Dec. 25, 2014


Shimmery, Sparkly, long lasting, and overall, FABULOUS! I don't think either of these colors are listed here, which is strange. I bought mine at Target, and they are like icing on the cake for my makeup collection. They are gorgeous, and fun.

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Carissa Jose Aug. 23, 2014


If you want to boost oomph on your smokey eyed party make-up, this dazzling sparkly Jewelstar is a hit! I've first tried this on the center of my lid and I was impressed how pigmented it is and doesn't have any color. Perfect for just adding more highlight to your eyes! This is not you typical metallic eyeshadow. It's a glittery transparent eyeshadow. And because it's glittery, be sure to apply it on the right areas of your face or else your face will be kinda shining shimmering splendid! Unless that's your peg! :)

Milky Santiago May. 10, 2014


This eyeshadow is not that pigmented so i have to use an eye primer to make the eyeshadow color pop and long lasting. But i like the shining shimering effect of this specialy for an evening look.