Brightening FACIAL WASH


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Decsription: For ALL skin type. The creamy, foam-like texture leaves your skin A softer and smoother feel♥ It washes out all dirt and oil while keeping in moisture.  The Secret for your beautiful skin! This skin care regimen contains nature’s beautifying skin care essences, which has been well-loved since the ancient Japanese times★ It gives moisture, preventing skin roughness. Creamy foam like meringue! Contains the cleansing extracts of fruit※ its creamy foam washes the face gently, giving a softer, more radiant skin! Packed with beautifying and moisturizing agent.

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Menchit Pampolina Abrigo Feb. 15, 2015


Last month, I had a nasty breakouts and suffered from super dry and flaky skin because of the cold weather. After using this facial wash for almost a month now, I noticed some changes on my skin. My face is became brighter and clearer. I saw a glow on my face too! even my friends and my co-workers noticed it and jeez! I am flattered every time they told me that I am glowing. hehe :) Also, my skin became well-moisturized to the point that my dry patches and flaky skin are finally gone. Whoa! guess this Brightening Facial Wash is really impressing me huh?! Oh wait, there's more. Once you used this product, you'll get addicted to its lavender scent. It's very mild and calm to smell. It lingered on the skin for about an hour. Plus it made my skin soft and supple to touch. But what interest me the most about this facial wash was it lessen my breakouts and faded some of my dark spots. All in all Canmake Brightening Facial Wash is a winner!

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