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Decsription: Pore Tightening. Oil Removal. For those who are concerned with large pores and oily skin. Japan's first water-based makeup remover has a unique lifting action that effectively absorbs impurities. Its toning and moisturizing properties make skin soft and smooth. Size: 300ml

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Edra Clairine Warasiwa Hogendorp Dec. 10, 2015


Having oily-combination skin that acne prone are one of a hell combo (in bad way). Wrong use of product or unclean face from leftover make up will result in bad pimple pop up. So i'm quite picky in using make up remover. Which is why i choose bifesta because it really does it job to remove any trace of makeup and even dirt without drying the skin. Well, sometimes it's hard to remove the super-waterproof mascara, but most of the time this product works perfectly well. 1 bottle can last me up to 2 - 3 months depend on the usage also. Really recommended!

Nissa Ariston-Isidro Mar. 05, 2015


Having always used oil-based makeup removers, I was skeptical that this would do the job. The minute I used it though, I was awed! Not only did it thoroughly remove the gunk on my face, it toned and moisturized it too! This product is perfect for those nights when you just want to fall into bed and cannot be bothered to wash your face. Or when you're just plain me! :) Bifesta has three other variants- Moist, Bright Up and Agecare but I find Sebum to be the perfect match for me. Bid the oil and dirt goodbye and say hello to a cleaner, softer and smoother face come morning. Seriously, this product is simply amazing!