Smooth Clear LOTION O


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Decsription: For COMBINATION to OILY skin type. Tightens the skin and controls oiliness, for lusciously smooth, moist skin! ●Replenishes moisture in skin suffering the effects of UV rays and environmental changes and skin prone to dryness, giving it a fine texture and bringing out its translucence. ●Restores the skin’s moisture balance, improving its ability to retain moisture and enhancing its overall condition. ●The skin-toning ingredients tighten the skin, creating silky-smooth skin. ●Quickly penetrates the skin, leaving it lusciously moist and refreshed, and feeling great.

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Mou Chan Dec. 19, 2014


I love the simple packaging! It comes in a 150mL flip-top bottle with a blueish tint. Upon purchasing, it came with a box that indicates every need-to-know about the product including the directions on how to use it and ingredients or formulations. For people who cannot understand Japanese, do not fret! Both the box and the bottle comes with an English translation, so in case you want to read any information about this item, you can! I've been using this for 2 weeks now and I'm seriously loving it. It comes with a Lavender and Geranium oil scent which really smells nice. I've also noticed how my face feels more cleaner and smoother especially during those times that I had to wear heavy make-up and I know that washing my face wouldn't be enough. This has helped clean out excess dirt, moisten, and at the same time, lessen the oiliness of my face without making my skin dry. Would I buy another bottle of this? Yes, I definitely would.

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