Refresh Cleansing Water


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Decsription: For ALL skin type. No need to use water! Simply use this product as make-up remover★ Feel refreshed and moisturized after cleansing! The Secret for your beautiful skin! This skin care regimen contains nature’s beautifying skin care essences, which has been well-loved since the ancient Japanese times★ It gives moisture, preventing skin roughness. Remove the oily makeup, just feel refreshed!!!!! Can be used not only as make-up remover but also as a facial wash for oily skin or for daily cleansing in the morning. Good for refreshing after getting back home! Feel moisturized after cleansing! Moisturizes the skin even after cleansing.

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Margarita Oropio Mar. 03, 2015


Best for working ladies who need washing of face without touching weary eyes after long day of work. We really need this.