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Decsription: For NORMAL to DRY skin type. An infusion of elasticity for skin prone to dryness. Conditions and rehydrates for An infusion of elasticity for skin prone to dryness♥ Conditions and rehydrates for plump, velvety-smooth skin! The Secret for your beautiful skin! This skin care regimen contains nature’s beautifying skin care essences, which has been well-loved since the ancient Japanese times★ It gives moisture, preventing skin roughness. For elasticity, and clear skin! Replenishes moisture in skin suffering the effects of UV rays and environmental changes and skin prone to dryness, giving it a fine texture and bringing out its translucence. Improves skin texture! An infusion of elasticity for skin prone to dryness! Quickly penetrates the skin without any residual stickiness, making it lusciously moist from within and preventing dryness. Contains rice brain oil(emollient ingredient). Regulates the oil and moisture content of the skin, for plump, moist skin with superb elasticity.

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Mei Qui Lab Sep. 27, 2014


Just use it for your dry and rough skin it can help to prevent smooth& shine your face it helps alot.