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Decsription: Light-scattering polarizing micro gold pearl particles and round powder particles effectively cover pores, problem texture, and darkness. Giveyour skin a mist, glittering, 3D bronze skin look! Our close-coating powder resists water and skin oils, for atight fit on your skin that resists water, sweat, skin oil,and won't rud off. Enjoy a beautiful dry finish that lasts all day long. After applying amakeup base, take asmall amount of Bronzer on your sponge and carefully spread it on your skin. If the color goes on too dark, carefully spread it out thinly across all skin areas, and it will naturally fit your skin. If you use water will dramatically improve how your makeup sits on your skin , and how long it lasts during the day, covering any differences in your skin color efffectivery. Enjoy the beauty of suntanned skin.

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