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Decsription: A short-cut that even takes care of your toner! This is all you need to use in the morning to ensure your make-up goes on perfectly. A make-up base created from a skincare gel. SPF32・PA+++. - Morning: For mornings when you're desperately trying to save minutes or even seconds before going out. You can use it straight after your face wash!!! Absorbed just like a skin toner, creating a moist, gel-like make-up base. - Night: For nights when you want to get to bed even a few seconds earlier after getting home. No dedicated cleanser required and no need to use two lots of face wash. Comes off easily with your usual face wash or soap. (When you put the make-up which is not able to remove with face wash or soap. please kindly use a cleansing.) - This is all you need to use after your face wash, to ensure your make-up goes on perfectly!!! This make-up base has been created from an all-in-one skincare gel (toner, serum, lotion, cream, make-up base, sunscreen). No matter what your skin type or what season it might be, this product creates the perfect skin for applying make-up. The translucent gel forms a veil over your skin, making it appear finely-textured and velvety-smooth. · Soft-focus powder: blurs the appearance of uneven skin texture, including pores and fine lines, making your skin look completely smooth. · Sebum-absorbing powder: prevents shine and keeps your skin looking like silk.

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