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Decsription: A new texture! Velvety semi-matte lips!!! Creamy texture and high color that goes on just the way it looks in the pot. A rouge that creates plump lips that feel great, like chocolate ganache. - Semi-matte lips, like chocolate ganache. No lamé or pearl particles. Defying the common wisdom that "matte lip colors = dryness", this keeps your lips moist! Achieves a natural gloss with minimal dazzle or stickiness! Creates soft, plump semi-matte lips. - You'll get hooked Creamy touch. Smoothness that you'll feel from the instant you apply it to your lips. You'll get hooked on the rich, creamy texture and the way it clings to your lips ♥ - Superb coverage with no need for concealer! Just one coat thoroughly covers your natural lip color. Achieves just the same color on your lips as it appears in the pot. Clings tightly to your lips, so will not smudge even if you apply lip gloss over it.

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Queenie Buenafe - Villanueva Oct. 01, 2014


CANMAKE CREAMY TOUCH ROUGE is my perfect everyday lipstick. It has this very creamy matte effect with still a hint of shine in it. You can wear it with full lips or gradient. You can instantly see the vividness of colors the moment you apply it on your lips. However, it's not long-lasting and you may need to re-apply after taking a meal or snack. Still, over-all it is very sophisticated and high-quality lipstick. Definitely for keeps. I've been using Misty Orange and Sweet Cherry for a few months now, and I'm planning to get the Marshmallow Pink pretty soon to complete my collection.. ♥