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Decsription: A felt-tip eyeliner designed for ease of use Simple! Smooth lines! Pretty! - A liquid felt-tip eyeliner designed for ease of use. A felt-tip with just the right degree of flexibility, for superb stability! Ensures a neat, smooth line, without any worries about the tip spreading or wobbliness. "I don't use eyeliner - it's too difficult" If you're a novice who feels this way, prepare to change your mind♥ - 1.65mm slim felt-tip. Makes it quick and easy to draw a neat line! The fine tip makes it simple to target the gaps between lashes, filling them in neatly. - Keeps the perfect line for hours on end. Film-based formulation washes off with warm water.

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Kae Tksm Dec. 25, 2014


I have a variety of eyeliners, in fact I could probably open an eyeliner store if I wanted to. This eyeliner is flawless, it glides on with precision and I have the perfect cat eye look. The tip is very sturdy, long, and pointy, so it's very easy to apply. It always goes on smoothly, and lasts long but comes off fairly easily with remover. I can do a perfect wing in seconds. Good job on this one!

Don Bjorn Din Dec. 03, 2014


The packaging and the product itself is simple. Plain black like most eyeliners and with silver text. It really lives up to its name. Quick and easy. I easily and quickly applied the eyeliner. I like its fine felt tip and that it grips easily and creates smooth lines. It's so easy to use, I don’t need to be a pro to be able to put an eyeliner on myself. I also liked that it did not smudge while I was applying it and best of all I was able to wear it for long hours. I can say that Canmake Tokyo really provides good quality products.

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