Glow Fleur Cheeks


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Decsription: Powder formulation, yet has startling translucence & luster! Looks as natural as bare skin! The perfect balance of diisostearyl malate, a viscous oil-based ingredient, and dimethicone, an oil-based ingredient with a silky-smooth texture! It’s this perfect balance that gives it the staying power of a cream blush. Uses “clear base powder (synthetic mica)”! Although it’s a powder, it doesn’t have that characteristic whitish tinge, so it achieves the same translucence and vibrant color as a cream! Contains springy “urethane powder”. This has an extraordinarily light, airy feel! Creates an amazing texture that clings to your skin, as though melting into it. The color and content of the pearl particles have been carefully calibrated to ensure that they achieve the best luster for each shade! A quick sweep is all you need over cheeks tinted with a delicate flush. Boosts translucence! For lustrous, healthy-looking cheeks.

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Alexis de Castro-Villapando Dec. 03, 2014


This is by far the prettiest blush I have ever seen! Once Canmake released this beauty i immidiatley purchased one. The packaging is so pretty and the blush itself is even prettier! The best thing about this product is that it isn't just a blush, it's a highlighter too! 2 products in 1! I think they have like 4 different shades to choose from which makes the product very versatile for any skin tone! A few swipes on your cheeks create a pearly, Dewey effect. I LOVE IT!

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