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Decsription: Wax softens with pencil accurate application to supply long lasting hold and accentuation.

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May Therese Aquino Jul. 08, 2015


I discovered this while scouring through cute aisles of makeup at one Etude Shop at our local mall. I like that it is very affordable compared with other brow pencils in the store itself. It is dual ended, one being the brow pencil and the other, a toothbrush-like applicator/brush. I also find this product multipurpose because I am able to not only use it for my brows (which by the way is perfect because of its super blendable consistency) I also double it up as an eyeliner! Truly a Multipurpose Wonder!

Karena Mier Lacanglacang Mar. 02, 2015


Perfect Brows makes you SEXY! Too much nudity is a turn off! Especially If all that flesh is on one person.! But with simple nude makeup brings more confident to self!

Jam Lawas May. 03, 2014


I already have a thick brow that needs a just little bit of definition (fill-in those spaces), and this is definitely for me. It is easy to use and it doesn't smudge, not sure when you perspire though. Plus, the eyebrow brush is really useful!

Katrina Yam Apr. 06, 2014


Love this eyebrow pencil from etude house, even If I have this very thin eyebrows it manage to look more natural whenever I apply this on my brows. It also has this brush on the bottom part to help you blend out the product :) very convenient and easy to use!