Under eye "NAMIDABUKURO", puffy eyes makeup in Japan

Girls in Japan are crazy about making their under eye skin “plump” with make-up. Without having to go under plastic surgery but using highlighter or eye shadow to make the skin beneath the eye 'pop' out - making eyes bigger, look younger and girly.

How to do it?

There are easy 3 steps.

1. Apply Eye Shadow base, it helps color last longer.
2. Make darker shadow by applying the brown Eye Brow powder about 5mm under your eye lash line.
3. Apply lots of shiny Highlighter to the area you want to make it plump.

Recommended products


The Real Lasting Tears Tank contains two ends: one an essence and the other a powder.

There are two shades available, and they are 01 Glamorous Pink and 02 Elegance Beige.


The essence contains 3 main ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid & Collagen: Keeping skin enriched and moisturized

Polyglutamic acid: Ability to hold 9 times more moisture than Hyaluronic Acid

Sophora Flavescens: Prevent skin aging


Ishizawa lab's Lovedrops line is famouse for the eyelines which can last for whole day without any color fading. Urumi liner is shiny creamy eyeliner pencil and easy to apply. 

It has 3 shades, 01 Girly Ivory White, 02 Natural Coral Pink, 03 Spicy Gold Beige.

Here is Michelle Phan’s tutorial video for Puffy eyes.