They say our eyebrows are essential because it acts as a frame to our face. It helps accentuate eyes and can make or break the look on your face. But how do we know whether to sport thick or thin brows? Below are the guidelines that you may consider:


  • If you have a tiny face with delicate features, thick brows can be overwhelming.
  • Those with a low brow bone should also avoid going too full. You want to open your eyes—if the space between the brows and the upper lashes is small, make the eyebrow thinner and more arched.
  • If you have a higher-set brow bone, thick brows are the more flattering option.
  • If you divide the face into thirds, the spaces between the hairline and the brows, brows and nose base, and nose base to the chin should be equal in length.
  • Wider arches are best for fuller faces.
  • Square faces: Look best with thicker brows because the thickness will balance the powerful, lovely face shape. Align the peak of the brow with the widest angle of the jaw to balance out the strong jaw line.
  • Round faces: Look best with arched eyebrows because the height will elongate the face, balancing out the round face shape.
  • Long faces: Look best with flat, low-arched, long eyebrows because the shape will widen the face verses elongating the face even more.
  • Heart-shaped faces: Look best with rounder eyebrows to help soften the pointy chin.
  • Oval faces: Look best with sculpted eyebrows with any height of arch. If your eyebrows are closer to your eyes, lift them up by giving yourself a higher arch to open the area around your eyes.


Determine where your inner brow should end.
Determine where your arch should peak. Angle the straight edge so that it lines up with the outermost edge of your nose and the outermost edge of your iris.
Determine where your outer brow should end. Angle the straight edge further so that it touches the outermost edge of your nose and also passes along the outermost edge of your eye.


  1. Start with lining the outer part of your brows with an eye pencil or an eye powder (use angled brush). Create your desired shape and thickness.
  2. Fill in the inner part of your brows using the same pencil/brow powder (you may try to mimic the strands of your hair for more natural look).
  3. Get a spoolie brush and swipe along your brows to blend the eye brow product evenly at the same time to create a softer look.
  4. You may use a clear mascara to keep your brows in place or the colored ones that adds hint of shade to your brows.


  1. Pluck the strays that fall below the line of your newly shaped brows every now and then to maintain the shape.
  2. Use a highlighter on your brow bone to emphasize the arch of your brows.
  3. Arches look best when they're within one to two shades of your hair color: If you're brunette, they should be one shade lighter; if you're blond, they should be one shade darker.