Root Vanish by Kazumi

ROOT VANISH COLOR MANICURE is a luxuriously light, all-weather, everyday solution to instantly camouflage gray hairs and roots with just one click and swipe. Perfect for carrying you over in between coloring appointments.

Featuring 22 hair and scalp fortifying botanicals from Japan's exceptional hair care industry, ROOT VANISH is the first non-permanent touch up essential that is free of all things undesired:

Leaves no sticky, hardened or crusty residue

No color transfer, even in humidity or light rain

100% safe & healthy for hair and scalp


Available in 5 Versatile Shades:
Black / Dark Brown / Light Brown / Blonde / Copper

A perfect at-home solution to gently cover grays with a natural looking, youthful finish. The manicure-like coat lasts until your next shampoo. Unlike other drying or clumpy feeling gray covering powders and mascara type touch up products, Root Vanish hydrates the hair while imparting a smooth, soft and naturally radiant finish. Once dry, there is no transferring until fingers or clothes even in high humidity or at the gym. Naturally formulated with 22 botanicals renowned in Japan for their hair beautifying powers, the treatment contains no toxins, no fragrance, no silicone or other hair damaging ingredients.


  1. Wash & Dry the Hair
  2. Click to pump the gel formula into the brush applicator, blot and spread the colorant throughout the brush using a tissue or paper napkin.
  3. If any product gets onto your hands, be sure to wash hands before it sets
  4. Brush the formula onto roots and areas where grays are starting to show in outward strokes.
    Be gentle and do not press too hard onto the roots to avoid getting the product on the scalp.
  5. Blow dry and style hair as usual. You can use any product on top once it is dry
  6. No transferring onto clothes or fingers throughout the day until you wash your hair again.
    Be sure to wash the product out thoroughly to avoid getting the colorant onto your towel or other textiles.

Root Vanish by Kazumi from KIWABI on Vimeo.

Root Vanish by Kazumi from KIWABI on Vimeo.

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