Nails naturally come in variety of shapes and sizes, and each individual has nail features that are distinctive. There are long fingers with wide nail beds, short fingers with short nail beds, and even a combination in between. In order to enhance your nail features, your nail technician must have a good knowledge about shaping.


OVAL - a pretty attractive shape for women. It is considered as the most flexible shape for nails for it can work both on long nail beds as well on short ones.

SQUARE - commonly used shape for French manicure and is frequently used for detailed nail arts. Short and wide nail beds should steer away from using this shape because it could make the nail appear shorter and stubbier.
SQUOVAL - this is basically a square-shaped nail but without the sharp edges. This is one of the most requested shape among women.
ROUND - it is frequently used to create a softer look for the nails. It also adds the illusion of having long fingers, perfect for short nail beds too!
POINTED - It creates length and slendering effect on your nails.


One must consider her skintone/color before choosing a nail polish. Though it is always up to you to explore and experiment. Here are some guides for you to consider when choosing your nail color:

FAIR SKIN - Violets, Ruby Reds, Plums, Burgundy, White, Black, Pale Pink, Silver, Pale Green, Navy, Teal, Orange

TAN - Pale Pink, Deep Pink, Gray, Golden Tones, Shiny Key Lime OR Teal, Dark Brown

MEDIUM - Very Light Purple, White, Nude, Nude with pink tints, Light Blue, Porcelain

DEEP - Nude, Light Purple, French, Primrose, Light or Pale Pink, Indigo, Shiny Key Lime

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  • Every skintone may wear a nude polish, it is just a matter of finding the right “nude” shade according to your skin’s hue.
  • Always remember to push your cuticles to achieve a better looking nails.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment on colors.
  • Try nail arts, it’s fun and cool!
  • To avoid early chipping of your nail polish remember to keep in hand a colorless polish and coat it on your nails every other day.