Mich & Myl Nails  Salon Review

They say that part of grooming is a person should have good nails, and having good nails is not limited to short and clean nails, it could be also decorated! Recently Nail art has been a craze among women all over the world and a lot of innovations for nail artistry have risen. Aside from the basic manicure, pedicure things the creativity of people has also boomed, every nail salon now caters nail art, few salons also offer gel nails and selected few can do both.

And I know one nail salon here in Manila who can offer excellent nail service, which is Mich & Myl Nail . Mich & Myl Nail is a specializes In Gel Nails, Nail Arts, 3D Nail Arts, Acrylic Nail Extensions and Organic Foot Spa's. just like the ones in HongKong, US and especially Japan!
They pioneered here in the Philippines the service of 3d nail arts and they offer quality gel nail artistry service. They also have Japanese certification for nail service and that also means; they cater their service quality like the ones in Japan.

Before I go on through their service. Miss Tomo and I went to Mich & Myl Nails - Salcedo Village Makati Branch. Like any other chic nail salon, their salon is very clean and cozy. Once you open the door the first thing you’ll see are the recliners. If I’m gonna rate it it would be 5 out of 5 stars

I had my hands and toe nails done with foot spa/massage. In all honesty, I had my 1st foot spa/massage done here at Mich & Myl nails and I must say it is very relaxing! There were 2 girls pampering me and also 2 girls for Miss Tomo. I like the idea that 2 girls pamper their customer with multiple job orders because it is efficient. I already witnessed some nail salons here in the Philippines where the customer has multiple job orders and only 1 girl will do the service. I had a hard time choosing the colors because the color selection for their gel nails are not as vast as what I am expecting that they have, because I really wanted a full pastel colored nails but their colors are more on the dark pale side.

Fast forward to the results, I puhed the idea of having drip nails I was hoping to get a pastel yellow shade for more playful look and to match the hotpink but sadly they don't have the certain colour that I am eyeing on so I settled for this nude/tan color. It also looks like right photo on daylight…

While for Miss Tomo, this is her hand…

And our toes


The quality of the gel nails that we asked them to do for us is very nice because, they apply a lot of coats before you’re good to go. Mitch & Myl Nail is a nice nail salon with Japanese standards because you get what you pay for and therefore every service they cater is worth it. And their nail artist’s nail artistry is commendable! She easily got the idea of the design I want. My nails was good for 3 weeks going on 4 before it started cracking. If you wanna have your nails done definitely go to a branch near you!

Mich & Myl Nails