Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara S Lashes lift to new heights!

What are you looking for in Mascara?
Defining and lengthening? Curling? Volumizing? Super Volumizing? Thickening? Divides and Multiplies lashes? Double-intensifier? Or just waterproof?
There’s a lot of mascara you could find in the market. Each of them comes with different kind of wands. Depending on the mascara effect that you want to achieve, you must know what type of wand best suits you!

Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara

For long and curled lashes, Heroine Make came-up with their product Long & Curl Mascara S. Aside from the lengthening and curling effect it gives; it tames and lifts the lashes, too! No wonder why it’s named Long and Curl Mascara. Asking for S? The wand that comes with it is curved one. Yes, the one that gives that lifting effect!

Product Features

  1. A dramatically gorgeous lengthening effect
  2. For glossy lashes, free from any globs
    This mascara creates beautifully separated lashes that look glossy and are free from any clumps or globs.
  3. Stay curled upward
    Curl-maintaining polymer helps your lashes stay curled upward for many hours
  4. Water-proof
    A long-lasting and water-proof mascara, that resistant to tears, sweat, water and sebum.
  5. The curved brush easily curls lashes up along the edge of the eyes
  6. Contains Chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredient) and Camellia oil (emollient ingredient) which protect sensitive lashes from damage.

The bristles are very small, perfect for sparse eye lashes! You can apply it from the base of lashes going upwards. It would absolutely amp up those lashes!

Professional make-up artist would recommend using the right amount of mascara to avoid those clumps. Here’s the actual picture of the first time I pulled the wand on its container. No clumps or any globs on the wand! Just the right amount of product you would apply on your lashes! No mess and product waste!

Directions for use

  • Put the brush on the base of your eyelashes and apply the mascara raising the lashes.
  • If you curl your lashes with a curler before applying this product, you can get even longer-lasting upward curls.
  • For the maximum effect, it is advisable to stir the liquid well with the brush before use.
  • Use a Heroine Make Mascara Remover or an oil-based cleanser for removal.

I love this product! I don’t even have to curl my lashes using metal curlers. I just apply it on the base of my lashes upwards and on my lower lashes downwards. No smudging and it stays the whole day!

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