Find the best brow color

I’ve been coloring my hair for 7 years now. Every now and then I try new color trends from different salons and even OTC hair colorants from supermarkets and drugstores.

My main concern when dyeing my hair is my brow color. Since I have very black hair, I also have very black brows. It looks so odd when your hair has this light shade and your brows pops like OH MY GOSH!

In the verge of finding new solution to my OA problem, I came across with the Majolica Majorca Brow and Last Colorist! It works like mascara that you can use in your lashes and brows but I often use it on my brows.

It comes in two shades, BR555 Maroon Brown and BR333 Vanilla Brown. BR555 best suits if your hair has a hint of red while BR333 is great for blondies or for girls with lighter and cooler tones.

I love this product! It’s very light-weight on my brows, long-wearing, water-proof and doesn’t contain glitters.
Will surely use this product to its last drop! :)