DEJAVU Lasting-Fine Eyeliner in Glossy Black, Master the Flick!

Fret no more! The secret to a nice flick is already here! :) DEJAVU Lasting-Fine Eyeliner in Glossy Black which is water-proof, sebum-proof and made of very fine brushes.

Here’s how you can create that most coveted cat-eye with these easy steps!

  1. Work that wing
    Grab your fine eyeliner, half-close your one eye then start creating the tail of your wing. Start from the outer corner of your eye, angling the tip towards your temple
  2. Connect the dots
    Create a dotted line in your upper lash line starting at the center then all the way inside then connect the dots.
    Thin lines would create your eyes more elongated while thick lines would gave an illusion of bigger eyes
  3. Create a triangle
    Using your fine eyeliner, create a small triangle from the tip of the wing down to the edge of your eye’s outer corner.
  4. Fill it in with color
    Fill the tiny triangle with colors
  5. Set to finish

Using your Q-tip dipped in make-up remover, clean any imperfections you see and that’s it!