These past few weeks I’ve experienced some of the most common skin problems and I’m very desperate to solve it!
Fortunately, Canmake has just launched their new Skin Care Series and I decided to try it.

CANMAKE Skin Care Series

The CANMAKE Skin Care Series includes Make-up remover, Brightening Facial Wash, Smooth Clear Lotion (Toner), Smooth Clear Moisturizer (Emollient) and the Essence Cream. They have ranges for different types of skin but since I’m more of the combination type so I tried these items. FYI, these items are sold separately.

All of these products claims to contain gentle formula, free of alcohol, synthetic perfume, colorants and mineral oil and they’re really are! You wouldn’t feel any tingling effect on your skin and it has a very relaxing scent which is Lavander and Geranium oil.

Before using

This is my skin condition before using CANMAKE Skin Care Series for Combination to Oily Skin.
Because of my excitement to try the product, I actually forgot to take photos before applying it.
But for sure, it instantly added luster in my face!

After 2 weeks of using

After a week of using it noticeably replenished moisture in my skin. Dry skin in my lids, around my nose and lips are gone! My skin-tone is more even and more supple.
After two weeks two weeks of using it, here’s the result!

Less visible pores, No more pimple marks in forehead.
Clearer skin! From these results, I believe with continued use, I can achieve a clearer and brighter skin! That means less use of foundation for me! :)