Whether we're getting dressed up for special occasion or just merely hanging out with friends, we enjoy the appearance of our flirty lashes.
Longer lashes accentuate the “window to our soul” and make us more attractive especially to our opposite sex. Who wouldn't love that?!

Longer lashes in photographs are also much better than short or sparse lashes so having a pair of beautiful full and long lashes is a sure must have for many ladies. It's a girl thing! You know! :)

Now, let's get started!
Ooops! Before applying mascara, be sure to curl your lashes.

How to

  1. Using a clean spoolie, get some product on the mascara wand
  2. Look straight in the mirror then tilt your head back a little
  3. At the base of your lashes, wiggle the spoolie from left to right to give an illusion of length
  4. Continue wiggling it upwards to separate the lashes
  5. Use a lash brush if needed to remove any clamp
  6. Wait until it gets dry
  7. Re-curl your lashes
  8. Re-apply until you achieve the volume and length that you want
  9. Apply mascara to your lower lashes, this will definitely give you that wide-eyed look!


You may pre-heat your metal lash curler using a hairdryer for seconds.
The heat will ease in curling your lashes.
Be careful not overhead the metal.


If you use the wand that comes with the packaging, be sure that it's not overloaded with product.
Avoid pumping the wand into the tube since it pushes the air and dries the mascara, worst it introduces bacteria - eeiw!!
Blot it on a tissue to remove some excess product in the wand.